August 29, 2015

How I Menu Plan

My first post on my new blog! How exciting! I've been "blog-absent" for some time now. For some reason my previous blog was not doing it for me. It just didn't feel right. Anyhoo...did some changes and here we are. I hope you all enjoy! *let's get right into the post :)

With the first of September just around the corner {...can you believe it?! September already! Where does time go??} I decided to start meal planning again. {and couponing-but that's a whole other post} I mainly turn to the internet for recipe ideas, although I do have a few cookbooks that I frequent. With work and now school, I'm all about quick, easy and healthy meals.

I start my meal planning mid week for the following week. So I start planning on Wednesday or Thursday for the following week, starting on Mondays. Because grocery ads in my area/region are released on Tuesdays, I can see what is currently on sale and go off of that. I compare and search for recipes based off of sales. It's easy and cost efficient for our family.

Once I have the meals I want for the week, I write them on our weekly menu planner. {I have a separate notebook that I use for my grocery list}  I'm providing you with a printable file of the planner that I created. You can print it in 5x7 or 8x10 page size, depends on your preference and what your printer will allow you to do. I print it out in half size pages {5x7 or 2 pictures on one page} because it's small yet large enough to see on the fridge. *there are tons of free menu planners online if you don't like the one below

Here are some of my favorite sites for recipe ideas:

Pinterest! Obvi...this is like the mother load of recipes!

Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour -I came across this site via Pinterest and just fell in love! Her recipes are easy and yummy! There are a lot that are "kid-friendly" which is a big plus for us. Not just recipes, she has awesome crafts and DIYs too. Check her out!

Skinnytaste -I came across Skinny Taste during my WW era. She includes WW points in all of her recipes so it's great if you are following that program. Gina's recipes are great for everyday! Hands down my favorite site for healthy options. The steps are easy to follow and she includes lots of yummy pictures in each recipe. She also has a cookbook that you can purchase here.

Real Housemoms -I was just recently introduced to RH and was hooked right off the bat. She includes weekly meal plans to follow and also has many many recipes to look through. Again, kid friendly so everyone is happy :)

As for meal planning for breakfast and lunches-for breakfast during the week, we do quick things like waffles, oatmeal, bagels, cereal, eggs, or overnight oats. Lunches are usually left overs. I do semi-prep M's lunch ahead of time since he can't heat his lunches. If you are interested in school lunch ideas -let me know in the comments and I can dedicate a whole post to that :)

Does your family meal prep? How do you plan your weekly meals? Is there a site you use for ideas? Please share in the comments below!


  1. Love the new blog, Steph! It looks great and totally you! Keep up the awesome posts!!! :)