August 31, 2015

Little Bit of "Isla" Flavor

You know how when you come back from vacation you need another vacation to recover from the one you just took? Yeah. That's how I'm feeling. We had such a great time in Puerto Rico that we've decided to keep some of that flavor going here at home.

Some of our favorite eats from the Isla were arroz con habichuelas {rice with beans}, relleno de papa {stuffed potato}, pinchos {kabobs}, alcapurria and a bunch more...the list goes on and on!!

This past weekend we made pinchos and served them along side of arroz con habichuelas and a salad. The pinchos came out so delicious I needed to share them with you! *I made double the recipe, adding more seasonings here and there.

I hope you get a chance to try the recipe and bring a bit of tropical flavor in your kitchen! *ENJOY

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