September 11, 2015

Back-to-School: boys fashion -part II

I swear Target will be the death of me. Does anyone else feel this way? You just cannot go into a Target for one's like everything is magically calling your name and you NEED to wonder the store. I mean it's to the point that when I announce to my husband "I'm going to Target", I always get a "see ya tomorrow" reply. His loss.

When I saw they had their back-to-school and Fall clothing out for kids I could not resist. I had to get a few pieces for my little guy. I wanted to get so much more but this momma has a budget. Until next time Target! 

Boys' Button L/S shirt {$14.99} -I love shirts like this for M. They are great for layering. He likes the sleeves rolled up...makes them "cool" according to him.
Camping 3/4 Sleeve Graphic Tee {$9.99} -this with jeans is perfect! The 3/4 sleeve make it great for the Summer/Fall weather transition.
Boys' Texture Slub Stripe Tee {$7.00} -a basic tee with some color. The teal and orange are great for Fall this year. Basic tees are great for wearing under L/S button shirts or hoodies. My little guy gets hot and then cold really quickly so being able to accommodate with layers is great.
Boys' Jogger {$14.99} -these are so warm and comfortable. I don't like loose frumpy jeans/pants on M so I really like that these joggers are tapered at the bottom. Great for those cold Fall days!
Boys' Dip Dye Beanie {$7.99} -I have been searching for a reasonably priced slouchy beanie for M since last year! Ta-da! Finally found one! I like that the colors aren't too bright but rather muted so it can easily be matched with any piece of clothing. Definitely going to be a favorite this year!

M loved the joggers! He said they were really soft and warm and he wanted to wear them to school's still 80 degrees out...

love the beanie!!! 

I am a big fan of Target clothing. It is reasonably priced and the material is long-lasting. I highly recommend their kid clothing and shoes! I'm guessing M's shoe size is rather popular because it's so hard for us to find shoes his size. I have bought shoes from Target for him before and they last for a LONG time! Perfect for a growing boy as they are fairly inexpensive.

Keep a look out online or on the Target Cartwheel App for coupons or savings off of clothing. When I went they had a coupon running for $10 off your $40 kids clothing purchase. SCORE!

Are you a Target Junkie like me? What have you snagged for your little one or yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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