September 25, 2015

Back-to-School: boys fashion -part III

I'm finally feeling good enough to write. It's been really crazy this last week with me getting sick and prepping to be out of town for the weekend. It's just me going out of town...about an hour or so'd think I was leaving for a month!

There's so much to make sure is covered while I'm away!! Am I the only one that feels this way? Having to over-prep, making sure everything is laid out for the little one(s) because god forbid the Hubs put them in something that doesn't match! [the horror!] sigh. I'm working myself up for nothing. It will be fine...right?!?

Did I mention I still need to pack? It's just for a day/night and I've made a list in hopes of not forgetting anything. [crossing my fingers here]

missing my makeup and clothes

This post is LATE. Shocking I know. I simply was not feeling well enough to bribe M for some pictures and therefore didn't post. Does anyone else have to bribe their kid for pictures or to do something for them? M doesn't like taking photos. He's been wanting money or Lego's in exchange for picture taking. I started with 50 cents and he is now asking for at least $1. That boy knows how to hustle.

You guys. I love Old Navy. Is has to be one of my top 5 favorite stores {maybe even top 3}. I absolutely love it for M. The clothes fit him perfect and it's comfortable for him to enjoy wearing it. It's really affordable too! They always have sales going on whether it's in-store or online.

Striped-Graffiti Tee {$7.} -love this! It's great alone or under button-up shirts.
Slim-Fit Jeans in Bandolier Brown {$16.00} -this is such a nice color because it's not brown or khaki. They are also 'jean' material so they can be dressed down or up depending on the occassion.
L/S Raglan Tee {$10.00} -really like the green/grey combo. Great with jeans.
Textured Henley in BlackJack {$14.00} -very comfortable and good quality shirt.
Boys Skinny Jeans in Dark Rinse {$14.00} -skinny jeans are my favorite for M! He is so slender that anything bigger looks frumpy on him. These are such a good wash and great quality.
Boys Patterned Shirt in Marion Berry {$16.00} -love this! Especially like that the under pattern in different so you can see the contrast when rolled up.
Boys L/S Graphic Tee in In The Navy {$9.00} -an everyday graphic tee. I like that there isn't alot going on as far as the 'graphics' go. 
Boys Plaid Shirt in Swept Away {$12.00} -another great shirt! I feel like this pattern is "holiday" to me, which I'm really liking. I can just see M in holiday pictures! :)
Boys Skinny Jeans in Light Wash {$14.00} -again great wash! Gotta have a light colored pair of jeans.
Boys Canvas Mid-Top Sneakers in Grayscale {$20.00} -this gray wash is great for Fall and Winter months here in Texas. They pair great with skinny jeans.

In case anyone is wondering or for comparison as far as sizing goes...M wears XS/S in Old Navy tops. It really just depends on the style. Jeans are size 6 regular. Currently M is between shoe sizes and I feel that ON shoes tend to run a bit large so he's in a size 1. 

This was a pretty decent haul for back to school from Old Navy. We shop there all the time-not just for M but for ourselves.

he didn't want to stand because his legs were "tired" from soccer practice...oh boy.

can you tell M was just NOT having it?? the torture of picture taking! 

We love Old Navy for our whole family! They have such wearable clothing for everyday. I personally love their tees and dresses. They are all so comfy. Do you shop at Old Navy? If so, what are some of your favorite items from their store?

*Not affiliated with any of the above named brands and/or products. Goods were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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