September 4, 2015

Back-to-School Series: boys fashion

We've survived week two of school and have a pretty good routine going. I've also kept up with making lunches for the little guy {I've surprised myself}. There's money in his school lunch card just in case though. 

There were some requests from the little guy this school year:
1. "I'm going to pick out my clothes and dress myself."
2. "I need cool shoes for running fast." {apparently the shoes MOM picks out aren't cool or fast enough...eye roll}
3. "My clothes need to be cool because I'm cool already." {where does this come from?!}

Sigh. Boy oh boy! I feel like this is only the beginning. I have some requests myself when it comes to his clothing:
1. Affordable.
2. Reliable/Good Material {because we don't want something to tear or wear on the first wash}
3. Comfortable.
4. Affordable {wait did I say that already?}

Children go through growth spurts all the time that spending an arm and a leg is just uncalled for. I dress M in clothing that is reliable, wears well and is affordable for our family. Spending $20+ on a pair of jeans that he will outgrow in a year is not in our pocketbook. After weeding out his Fall/Winter clothes from last year, he basically down to about 4 hoodies. All of his long sleeve tees were too short in the arms. Off to the store we go!

I want to start a series for the month of September. Affordable, wearable and "cool" {I'm told this is very important} looks/styles for boys. I will be picking 4 different stores and pieces of clothing from each. Keep reading to see which store I've picked first!

I don't think of Wal-Mart much when it comes to clothing, PJs, sure. But not clothing. We were getting school supplies weeks ago and walked by the boys clothing. WOW. They've revamped their look! I don't know how long it's been this way but I was thrown by surprise. We picked out a couple of tees but since they didn't have their Fall clothing out yet, I didn't get much. Needless to say, I went again a couple days ago. Again, WOW! Their pieces are inexpensive and wear well. This is what we picked up:

1. Levi Strauss & Co. Skinny Jeans {$14.00}-guys these are great for Fall! Also, they were on clearance for $7...and come to find out they rang up for $2 at the register! YAASSSS!!! We got the Sargeant Green color. I believe they come in 3 other colors, including your typical "blue jean".
2. Garanimals L/S Stripe Tee {$5.97} -I like that that is a tee but has thermal sewn on sleeves. Very comfy and the material is great. Perfect with jeans!
3. Garanimals L/S Thermal Henley Tee {$5.97} -such a classic, basic piece. I love solid colors that can go with anything. This goes great with the jeans we picked up as well.
4. Faded Glory L/S Flannel Shirt {$7.88} -love this! I picked it up in the orange/navy plaid. I couldn't find a picture on their website. They have several different colors in store. Super soft and warm material. Perfect for layering over a basic tee.
5. WWE John Cena Backpack {$9.88} -this year's backpack. We don't watch WWE. I was surprised he even wanted this backpack. M knows of J.Cena because of his BFF...and he wanted the same backpack LOL
6. Boys V Neck Tee {$2.97} NOT PICTURED ABOVE -basic tee, love that's it's v neck. Great for wearing alone or layering under hoodies and button ups. You cannot beat this price! They have over 10 colors to choose from too!

my handsome boy...i totally had to bribe him to take the picture.
wearing the jeans and v neck mentioned above
shoes: Vans hi tops {similar ones here}

Have you checked out Wal-Mart for your child/children? What are you favorite pieces from their clothing line? *stay tuned for next week's series!

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