September 14, 2015

Date Night!

I hope you all had a great weekend! The weather is finally "cooling" here in our parts...and by "cooling" I mean it's in the low 90s. The mornings and evenings are amazing though! I can feel Fall weather is right around the corner.

The Mr. and I decided on a very last minute date night. We don't typically have a sitter for M and he was going to a kids' night out program so we took advantage and went for dinner and drinks.

We try to go on dates as much as we can. I think it is SO important to make time for just you and your significant other. Especially if you have children. At the end of the day it's just you and your honey. Keeping that SPARK alive is essential to a healthy relationship.

There's a Cuban restaurant that opened in June, it is really close to home and I've been wanting to go for some time now. With M busy for a few hours, it was the perfect time to go!

Mambo House is located in Round Rock, TX. They offer Cuban cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is great for the entire family!

They have a great menu and everything they offered sounded amazing! I wish I could have ordered a little bit of everything!

Our server was really attentive and took our drink order immediately. We each had waters and alcoholic beverages...of course! The Mr. ordered Bacardi and Coke...or shall I say a Cuba Libre. I chugged sipped on a red wine that was AMAZING! {i cannot for the life of me remember it's name}

During our wait they brought us fried plantain chips with a habanero mango sauce and mojo. The habanero mango was my favorite...the Hubs had to set it aside though because I have a mild allergy to mangos {it was so good I couldn't resist!}

We also ordered Papa Rellena[fried roasted garlic mashed potatoes stuffed w/cuban ground beef] as appetizers.

For the main entree I ordered their Mambo House Paella[classic Cuban Paella with saffron rice, shrimp, chorizo, clams, mussels & scallops]. The Mr. had El Churrasco[skirt steak with cilantro chimichurri, moro negro & maduros].

you can add lobster tail if you wish

Everything was delicious! We were super stuffed by they time we got thru our food that we didn't have room for desert. We were told to come back for their Tres Leches Cake{homemade!}

I hear they have a pretty good Cuban sandwich and will definitely be coming back to try that amongst other yummy dishes!

If you live in the Round Rock or Austin area I highly recommend you stop in and check out Mambo House! It is perfect for date night or bring the whole family!

*they have recently extended their hours and are now offering weekly Happy Hour specials! Follow them on Facebook to stay updated on events and special news!

Mambo House
206 N. Mays St.
Round Rock, TX 78664

Do you have a weekly or monthly date night with your significant other? I'd love to hear your date night ideas in the comments below!

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