September 1, 2015

Family Favorites: August

August has come and gone! Although I loved our summer...I am so ready for Fall and Winter. I absolutely love the crisp mornings and evenings. We had such an amazing August! We went to Puerto Rico for the wedding of the year {yes forget the celebrities, this topped it all!} and spent lots of time on the beach and eating delicious food. It's been hard having to adjust since we've been back....Oh, paradise, how I miss you!

I have been searching for a foundation that stays put all day and works well with my oily skin. Before we went to Puerto Rico, I went to Sephora on a mission. I had done a bunch of research and narrowed it down to two. Well, since I went to the Sephora closest to me {inside a JCP} they only had one of the two there. I was totally okay with that, it's the one I wanted to check out the most anyway. Ladies, let me tell you...this Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation is THE foundation! It is great for oily skin and stays put in hot and humid weather! I used it for a wedding in Puerto Rico and it held up all day and night! Bonus: it photographs great too!! I highly recommend this foundation if you are in need of a full coverage foundation, have oily skin and live in a hot humid climate.

I use #67-Warm Amber-Golden Chestnut

So the Hubs couldn't decide what he's enjoyed or "favorited" this month. Well I lie, he said Puerto Rico. {can you tell we terribly miss it?!} Anyhoo-since he couldn't decide and wouldn't provide me with any other "favorites" I decided to give him a little spotlight! The Hubs is a HUGE soccer fan...I mean HUGE! He plays outdoor soccer on the weekends with a team and I could not be prouder...they won their tournament! Could not be prouder of my Mr. and the whole team! GO "DEPORTIVO TEJUPILCO"!!!

can you see my handsome husband? ;) 

I am so proud of this little guy. He learned to swim in the ocean! {proud mommy moment} The husband bought him a set of snorkeling gear before our trip. Forget the flippers! This little guy was all about that snorkeling mask!! He wanted to take it anywhere that was water related. I think this played a big part in him learning to swim and not having to hold his nose under water. He eventually became comfortable enough to go without it too! We now have a little fish :)

M and his friend underwater in PR

What are you or your family enjoying? I'd love to hear about it in the comments! 

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