September 8, 2015

Family Game Night!

Hello lovies! I hope you all had a great holiday spent with your family and loved ones!! 

We didn't do much yesterday, except run some errands. Later in the afternoon, we went over to our neighbors for a bit of swimming and BBQ. When we came back home {walked right over} we decided to play some games for a family game night! :) Keep reading for some of our family favorites! 

from top to botton:
UNO: M received this as a gift for his birthday and we've enjoyed it tons! I love that it's a game we can take to restaurants and play while waiting for our food to arrive. 
Fruit Ninja: I found this game while looking for "road" games to take with us to Puerto Rico. It's just like the App. M loved that it was "real". 
Zingo!: I heard of this game last year while trying to make sight words fun for M. He loves bingo and the way this ties in the sight words is great. He has the ThinkFun version as well. 
Chutes & Ladders: a classic! I think this is one of the first board games M played. We have it in a travel version as well that we purchased from FiveBelow. 
Connect4: I think this is M's favorite. We take it everywhere!! ...and he's really good at brother-in-law can tell ya ;) 
Sorry!: this is another we really enjoy playing. I like that it's a game all 3 of us can participate in rather than just a 2 player game. 
Hedbanz: love this game! It's super fun to play and even better with a group! 

Do you have a family game night? We're always looking to add new games so I'd love to hear what your family favorites are! :) 

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