September 12, 2015

Ladies Craft Night: Fall Wreath

Last week I planned a {Ladies Craft Night}, snacks and crafts with my girlfriends? Count me in!

We made Fall Wreaths and they all came out soooo good!  I sent out a group email to everyone that wanted to participate with several different wreaths to choose from, mainly for inspiration and ideas. Each person was in charge of getting their own supplies, so it made it easy to plan. Keep reading to find out what I made and the supplies needed.

wooden frame
spray paint {optional}
initial letter
ribbon  of your choice
fall embellishments
glue gun

i purchased my supplies at Hobby Lobby

I spray painted the frame a tan nude color the day before our craft night.

I first glued the floral arrangements {the crazy looking ones} first. Then added the burlap ribbon. I made it into a messy bow and glued it on the center of where the arrangements met. I bought metallic leafs {that I totally forgot to take pictures of} and separated them from the stem. I glued each, in no particular pattern, behind the ribbon. 

I wanted a pop of color, something besides your typical rustic Fall colors, I had purchased some teal and light beige ribbon and added those in also. I glued a couple strips of each around the burlap bow. 

I added the mini pumpkins to the burlap ribbon and I scattered the acorns around the ribbon and leafs. 

I had small burlap ribbon that I used to tie the initial. I just wrapped it in between the frame and tied it securely to make sure it wouldn't slip off. 

I bought a small black wooden chalk frame {no idea what to call this} and wrote "Happy Fall Y'all" on it. It already had the holes on it so I used the ribbon it came with to attach it to the bottom of the frame. 

Add a ribbon to the top of the frame and it's ready to hang! 

You can add so many different types of embellishments and ribbon to make this your own. That's the beauty of DIYs! 

I love how everyone's turned out!!

do you see my sister's "organic" wreath? ;)

I can't wait until our next Ladies Craft Night! Wonder what we'll come up with next....

*my wreath was inspired by this one here

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