September 7, 2015

Pro Soccer: Austin Aztex

Do you have a pro soccer team in your city? We have the one and only Austin Aztex! The hubs is part of Eberly's Army...our very own Austin Aztex' support group. Ray gets season tickets so we planned on going to the final home game of their 2015 USL inaugural season.

We had some tough rain at the beginning of the summer and it caused damage to the Aztex home stadium. Because of that they moved location to the Kelly's Reeves Athletic Complex in North West Austin. Lucky for us it's so much closer to home! 

We started off by going to The League Kitchen & Tavern for eats and drinks before the game. 

if you're a beer drinker they have special Aztex specials! 

I ordered a Moscow Mule {that was pretty tasty} and we started off with their Spinach Artichoke Dip {delish!} 

For my main dish I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and fries. They offer truffle fries {$2 extra} with garlic, parm and aioli...I should have ordered those. The hubs ordered them with his burger and I stole a few. SO GOOD!!! 

Okay so enough of the food...let's get back to soccer...there was a bus that came to shuttle people from The League to the Complex. It's about 5 minutes away. Super close. 

We sat in the Supporter section because again, the hubs is part of the crew :) *he's also the loudest lol you can hear him across field I'm sure haha 

chants in hand-I'm ready to yell my little heart out! 

At today's game the Aztex wore pink in support of Komen Austin. 

after our 1st goal!!! 

Prior to the game they had an online auction for each players' jersey. Of course, Ray had to bid for one. {we won the online portion!} They also continued the auction during half time....and we won our bid! YAY! 

So did we win the game? OF COURSE we did!!! 2-1


After the game, we were able to get our winning jersey and take a picture with the players.

Nate (friend) had only one job: take the picture...and it was blurry. sigh.
#77 Fernando Timbo

We had such a great time at the final home game and even better that we WON! GO AZTEX!!!

Have you been to an Aztex game? If you're from the Austin or surrounding area, come out and support your professional soccer team! Join us next year! :) *stay tuned at for updates and events

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