September 15, 2015

Who lost their wedding band?!

Have you or your significant other ever lost your wedding band or engagement ring? Horrible horrible feeling, right?! ...well, I'd never know because I didn't loose anything...the husband did. {eye roll} Can you believe it? And here he was pointing fingers that I would be the careless one and loose my rings someday. [haha not TODAY honey, not today]

The Mr. found out about a "rubber" made wedding band. That's all the info he gave me. So on to research I went.

I came across QALO Rings. QALO Rings are made of 100% medical grade silicone. They are offered in both men and women sizes. The rings come in a variety of colors and collections so you are sure to find one that best represents your relationship.

Each rings is stamped with an image that represents each collection:
Quality: crossed hammers; defining attribute of the world's best products
Athletics: kettle ball; athletic life is a healthy lifestyle
Love: heart; marriage and family are the essential pursuit of the best in life
Outdoors: compass; world's greatest playground

Along with these collections they also have bands honoring the men and women in law enforcement {Thin Blue Line}, fire protection {Thin Red Line} and the EMS community {Thin White Line}. They also have rings that aid towards causes like breast cancer and lupus.

After some reading and research I thought these would be great for us! Prior to the Mr. loosing his ring, he would always take it off to play soccer and it was so banged up and scratched it was embarrassing. Not a hard decision at all, I went ahead and ordered us a matching pair.

They each came in small zippered pouches. The pouches are great if you are using the rings for when you workout, activities or work. You can keep your traditional band secure in these pouches, during the use of your QALO Ring.

I ordered us the Athletics collection in black. It's a constant reminder to continue living a healthy lifestyle and that we are both in it together! #toostrong

They have a ring size guide on their website if you do not know your ring size. Their sizes are true to size. {his-10 mine-7} [my ring size is always a 6.5 but I went up a size as suggested on their website and it fit perfectly]

I always wear my traditional wedding band to work, not the engagement ring. Because I work full-time in the medical field, latex gloves are my life. I'm constantly putting and taking off gloves. Wearing a ring with a diamond on it is not the greatest in that environment. I had ripped gloves all the time! These rings are perfect!

I've been wearing mine like this-with my traditional band on top.

The Mr. really likes his! He likes that the silicone is comfortable to wear, even during his soccer games. I usually take my rings off when I work out because my fingers tend to swell. I kept the ring on to test it was great! The silicone was comfortable enough and didn't get stuck on my finger as it swelled.

After a week and half of wearing the QALO Ring, it is still holding strong. I highly recommend it if you are looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding band. It's great for those in hazardous work environments, the medical field or athletics.

mens collection starting at $19.99
womens collection starting at $15.99

*click on the link below for $5 off your QALO purchase!

What do you think of these? Would you ever wear an alternative to the traditional wedding ring?

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