October 16, 2015

8 Family Friendly Halloween Movies

Do you have your Halloween costume ready? I'm thinking of dressing as a witch for Halloween...since I have black hair now and all. Plus-I'm pretty sure I can find an all black outfit in my closet. Easy Peasy! Just gotta get that witches hat!

The morning and evenings here have finally started cooling off. We love opening the windows, letting the breeze flow in, and curling up with some warm cider {or wine-but who's pointing fingers} and movie binge. This weekend calls for Halloween spirit! Our family favorites are below...

Hocus Pocus

This is by far MY favorite Halloween movie! I remember watching this growing up and it still is just as exciting to watch now! A definite must see!!


Another childhood favorite! Not gonna lie, watching it this time around {as an adult} it is pretty cheesy but M enjoyed it-that's all that matters!


A classic! M watches the cartoon Casper so this was perfect! He loved it!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

M loved this movie! He didn't find it scary at all. I know some kiddos might find this a bit frightening so be prepared for reactions.

Hotel Transylvania

This is a much newer movie that those mentioned above. Such a great movie, nonetheless! It's perfect for the entire family. Funny, sweet, "spooky". We hope to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 [now in theaters] this weekend.


Classic. We didn't know if M would like this but it was a hit! We have since gotten both part I and II!

The Labyrinth

"Dance magic, dance"...y'all...this is my husbands' favorite! Not gonna lie-I had never seen it until we got married years ago. It has now become a family favorite. The costumes in the movie are beautiful and the puppets used are so fairy-tale like. A must see if you've never seen it! {definitely an 80s movie!}


Another classic. A silly movie with a slightly "horrorific" twist. Imagine your pet turning into a crazy furry creature! We love this movie and it's a year-round favorite at our house.

As you can see, we have a lot of oldie favorites. I feel that those are the best ones! What are your favorites? Any of the ones mentioned above?

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