October 1, 2015

Family Favorites: September

Is anyone else amazed at how quick the year has gone? I mean we're in October! We haven't even gotten to the end of the month and I'm already thinking of what I'm going to make for Thanksgiving...plus I'm super behind on gift buying for Christmas. Geez! Where does the time go?!

We have so much going on these next few weeks. I cannot wait! All is great though! Weddings, soccer, parties, trips-I love it all!!

I absolutely love my planner! It took me weeks to decide on which one to get. I didn't just want your average planner either. I wanted something personalized and with both calendar and weekly views. Very high expectations I have with planners. Taking everything I wanted and pricing into considerations I chose the Plum Paper Planner. I have to say that I am completely in love with this! I don't know what I would do without it!

Mine is personalized with my name{in mint, so pretty!} and my name. I love the gold chevron pattern! There are so many options to choose from!! I have the weekly spread layout and the length of my planner is 12-month. What really sold me on this planner was that I could start it at any month{mine is from June-May}. I like to personalize my weekly view with stickers and washi tape. Makes it just so much cuter and personal.

stickers were purchased on Etsy

I would seriously be lost without my planner! Do you use anything to keep your days and weeks organized?

We don't have cable so we watch a lot of movies and live on Netflix. The Mr. likes a lot of the Netflix Original movies and shows. He was recently hooked on their Original show: Narcos.

It's a crime drama based on the life of king drugpin Pablo Escobar. The Mr. loves "based on true story" shows and movies so this was definitely up his alley. He finished the complete first season, which you can find on Netflix!

Earlier this month we took M to a Lego brick store where they had playtime and pretty much free reign to the store. He absolutely loved it! Didn't want to leave. He's always loved Legos but this, I think, sent it overboard. He's been building and designing all these different vehicles and houses.

I love that he loves Legos! It's great for his imagination and creativity. Definitely prefer this over TV watching. 

do you see his vehicles off to the side lol 

We had such a busy month and cannot wait for all the fun events and memories ahead! 

What are you loving recently? Any family favorites? 

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