October 29, 2015

Ladies Only Weekend!

Every now and then a girl needs some time with her girlfriends. Away from reality. Away from the little ones. Away from the Mr. Away from life. Just you and your girls...and maybe some wine.

When a close friend announced that she wanted to go to New Orleans for her bachelorette party, I was already packing my bags. This momma needed a break! So off we went...2 cars, 11 ladies and the adventures awaiting.

We left early on a Friday morning. Way before the sun went up. I was still half asleep. It was the perfect time to leave though...we beat morning traffic and that made things easier on the road. Does anyone else love road trips as much as I do? They are so much fun and you get to bond and create memories with the ones you travel with. Love it!!

What happens on the road STAYS ON THE ROAD...needless to say we had many laughs...serious thoughts...silent moments...and more laughs.

meet S.Monaaay...sing-a-longs...yes we had props.

Lucky for us we didn't have bad weather while driving. It was pretty great! The drive from Austin to NOLA is a pretty easy one. About an 8-9 hour drive. We arrived at our destination and checked into our bed and breakfast. There were two groups of us staying in different places. We stayed at Inn on Ursulines. It's a fairly small Inn with only 15 rooms. We were only a few blocks away from Bourbon but yet still far enough to not get any of the wroughty noise. Perfect location.

I loved our little room. It had a very "New Orleans" feel to it. They say the street we stayed on is haunted...although we never had any spooky encounters, we definitely had a very distinct smell in our room {that we later found out could be linked to the smell of a not so friendly presence} and we also found an image in a picture we took while in the room. SPOOKY! {we prayed and all was well :)}

We had some time to kill before we met up with the rest of the party so we decided to get a drink to-go. We went to Lafitte's since it was a couple blocks away. Most of us got the Voodoo Daiquiri...didn't seem strong...until you ended up finishing it. Just sneaks right up on ya!

how cute are our shirts?!

We played some games and drank a bit more before heading out for the night. Isn't the bride to be just gorgeous?!

We opted for some food in our belly's before hitting up the bars. We didn't want to be THAT group. Locals recommended we go to Oceana so we went there. You guys! The food was so yummy!! Favorite item? Louisiana Crabmeat Cakes. They were to die for!

the sauce was amazing

Next up...Bourbon!!! I honestly didn't know what to expect when we went. I had heard some pretty scary things...rape, violence, drugs. I don't know if it's because we have 6th Street back home BUT it was definitely not intimidating at all. It's pretty much NOLA's version of 6th Street in Austin but on crack. It's insane but in a good way! We had such a great time!!

My buy of the night? This $11 drink at Saints & Sinners -totally worth it! The drink was super strong and I HAD to have the cup.

too bad we didn't run into Channing...

The following day we had some touring, eating and shopping planned. I wanted to be comfy since we were going to be doing a bit of walking. {by the end of the day i wish i would have brought sandals-ah oh well-what are you gonna do}

sunglasses | watch [similar] | necklace | bracelets

The weather was a bit humid and slightly warm so I decided on shorts and a tee. The distressed shorts are from Target in their Mossimo brand. I got these last year, I think, you can find similar ones here. The camo print tee just so happens to also be from Target. {can you tell i love Target?} My bag is from H&M and shoes are Converse. I am in love with this bar necklace I am wearing. It's really dainty and gold filled which is right up my alley! For all you Austin ladies or in surrounding cities, The Dainty Doe is local and all of her pieces are so pretty!!

Before we started with anything else we had to go Cafe Du Monde. We arrived around 9am and there was already a pretty huge line down the side of the Cafe. We decided to stand in the to-go line since it was a lot smaller and take our goodies to-go.


We ate our breakfast on the way to a swamp...we were going on a  swamp tour! Exciting!! It was so interesting and we got to see some alligators!

meet Calvin

We even got to hold a baby 'gator! How cute!!

After our swamping adventure we went to the French Market District for food and shopping. I got some spices for back home and goodies for both the Mr. and M.

soft shell crab po-boy...super spicy!

A while back I started collecting mugs from places we visit and I was able to find a NOLA mug as well.

tea in the making-back of the mug has NOLA history

For dinner that evening we went to Gumbo Shop, another recommendation by locals. We absolutely LOVED the food. Their gumbo was amazing!

chicken andouille gumbo | creole combination platter | warm bread pudding

After dinner we walked around Bourbon {of course} and decided to see a show...Drag to be exact.

All I can say is....YAAAAAAAAAAS {plus 2 snaps of my fingers}. It was so much fun!!!

The ladies did such an amazing job! So glad we were able to watch this! Definitely an experience!!

The following morning we woke up to rain. So glad it held out until we left! However, that meant driving in it. That Patty sure was no joke! We had rain almost the whole way home. Thank God we arrived safe and sound.

There's nothing like home sweet home but I would not have traded the laughs and memories we made for anything. I'm hoping we make these "ladies only getaways" a yearly tradition.

Hmmm...where to next?!