October 6, 2015

The Fall Favorites Tag

I've seen all these Fall tags on YouTube from beauty vloggers and thought...why not bring it into the blogging world?! So here we go!

I decided on doing the tag from the gorgeous Jaclyn Hill. Be sure to follow her on YouTube. She's absolutely amazing!!

Favorite Candle: you guys. I cannot for the life of me justify paying $22 for one candle. I just can't. I see all these people post candles from Bath & Body Works and don't get me wrong, I like their products and purchase their lotions from time to time. It's ridiculous to me to spend that amount on a candle. I tend to purchase mine from Marshalls for about $6-$7. Perfect!! The one that is currently burning is from Everyday Luxe Candles in the scent Pumpkin Maple Sugar.  This one smells amazing! My house smells like a warm bakery. I'm also a big Scentsy fan and am all over the Pumpkin Roll bar for Fall. Lately I've been mixing 2 squares of Luna with one square of Pumpkin Roll...heaven!

Favorite Lip Color: I'm loving the dark nude colors this Fall. Nude Nuance from Maybelline has been my go-to this season. I'm also reaching for NYX Copenhagen. Such a gorgeous deep plum/cherry color.

Favorite Drink: I love love love hot spiced cider! My favorite one is from Target. It's so good! I'm also really liking the new Toasted Graham Latte from Starbucks.

Favorite Blush: I love the BECCA mineral blushes. My favorite is Songbird. It's a gorgeous peachy pink color. I think peach colored blushes are great for everyday Fall wear.

photo image via Sephora.com

 Favorite Clothing Item: over-sized sweaters! I live for sweaters in the cooler months! Knit sweaters are my favorite...I have a few in my collection but am always looking for more!

Favorite Fall Movie: none other than Hocus Pocus of course!

what's your favorite fall movie?

Favorite Fall TV Show: Scandal! #teamjake {i know everyone loves Fitz but Jake is just so much better!!}

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: this is was a hard one! I'm going to have to say green bean casserole. It's a given for our Turkey Day celebrations and I'm usually the one that makes it at our home. So yummy!

Favorite Halloween Costume: witches! I just love the classic costumes. You can dress up as a witch and there are so many options for costumes. I love it! I remember dressing up as a witch a couple of times as a kid...green face and mole! haha Maybe I've found my costume this year ;)

Here is the Fall Tag if any of you want to participate. Thank you to the beautiful Jaclyn Hill for coming up with it!

Favorite Candle
Favorite Lip Color
Favorite Drink
Favorite Blush
Favorite Clothing Item
Favorite Fall Movie
Favorite Fall TV Show
Favorite Thanksgiving Food
Favorite Halloween Costume

I tag Julie over at Miss JBT! Check out her blog for great eats around the Austin and surrounding areas!

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What are your Fall Favorites! Answer in the comments below! Happy Fall Y'all!!

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