October 5, 2015

Weekend Recap: New Look?!

Hello lovies! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

The weather here was gorgeous this weekend! {it was mid to high 80s-that's "cool"} I'm still waiting for the weather to fully kick into "Fall" though. Over-sized sweaters and boots are LIFE!

I had tons of stuff planned for us this weekend. The Mr. was spending the weekend at ACL so it was M and I all weekend. I love having mommy/son time with him. He's at such a great age and I love seeing his personality evolving. He's such a goof :) Anyhoo-so "had" is the keyword here. We didn't get to do half of the things I had planned for us. Regardless we had a pretty relaxing yet fun weekend.

My mom's birthday was this past week so we all went over to the parentals place for dinner and cake on Friday.

Happy Birthday!

I think the kiddos were most excited about helping blow out the candles! We sang Happy Birthday a couple times so they each got a chance to blow it out. Anything for the kids, right?!

grandma with her grandkids

As some of you already know, this coming Spring we're going on a camping trip. For a week. Y'all...I've never been camping. Like ever. It's just something my family never did. However, I am beyond excited!! I cannot wait for our family trip! Since it's about 6 months away we've already started planning what we need to purchase. Which is pretty much everything. We're members at REI and were informed they were having a garage sale, for member's only. Perfect! We got up early Saturday morning not really knowing what to expect at the sale. We arrived at REI about 30 minutes before they opened the doors. {mainly because we wanted to get breakfast tacos a couple stores down} Good thing we got there when we did! There was already a line formed!! Insane! I waited in line with M while the Mr. went for our tacos. Team Work!

We have a list of items we need for the trip but were mainly looking for a tent and cookware at the sale. We still need sleeping bags but if we didn't find those at the sale no big deal.

We lucked out with some great deals! We ended up with a tent {one of the ones we had our eye on}, a cooking set and one sleeping bag. I'm mainly excited about the cooking set. Because the items in the sale are either returned, damaged and/or display items they mark them down pretty low. We were told that some items would be marked to 50-60% off! We got the cooking set for $50! {original $130} It was marked damaged because the handle was missing...I ordered it as soon as we got home from Amazon for $12. SOLD! The set wasn't even used because of the handle missing. The tent we got was used once but it wasn't large enough for the people that bought it originally. Used once. Again a great deal at half off! The sleeping bag was used once but the original owners claimed it was too hot {20 degree temp bag}...well it's perfect for what we need it for and we scored it for half off as well!

our REI Garage Sale finds!

All in all we had great finds! We were told they have 4 sales throughout the year, with their next one after the new year. I highly recommend becoming a lifetime member and enjoying some of REI's member perks!

Since we were in no hurry to go home just yet M and I ran some errands and stopped by the pet store to get Lola some goodies. M loves looking at the birds and fish everytime we go. 

I've been wanting to introduce M to my all time favorite Fall movie...none other than Hocus Pocus. We decided on pizza and a movie :) Do y'all have a Fall favorite movie? I'm all about Hocus Pocus! I need to find Halloween Town for M to watch also! 

he loved it by the way! and we watched it again Sunday morning during breakfast :)

We ended the night at our neighbors decorating pumpkins.

Our Sunday was super relaxing...as Sunday's should be. Besides M having a soccer game we did absolutely nothing but watch movies, play games and read.

our team won the game 4-3! GO BARBADOS!!!

OH! and I had a change of...hair color! I decided to go dark-not necessarily for Fall but because I've been wanting a change in color. This is the darkest I've ever taken my hair. My natural color is a dark brown but this is black. It's something to get used to seeing because of how bold it is. I'm still torn with how I feel about it.

I think this was my first relaxing weekend in several weeks. It was so nice to have nothing set in stone. Especially since the next few weekends will be jam packed with weddings and festivities. What did you do this weekend? Did you get to relax or were you a busy bee?

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