November 20, 2015

Turrtlz Bracelets & Giveaway!

I'm a sucker for cute dainty things. Especially jewelry and if it's for a good cause. Add a cute little animal bead to it and I'm sold!

photo via website

I recently heard about Trrtlz Bracelets. Think colorful, friendship bracelets. They come in a variety of colors from white to purple to multi. Each color represents something as well, ranging from things like love to peace. As the colors on the beads fade they represent your adventure. I love the "meaning" that these beads have. Be adventurous and spread that journey among others. Share your adventure, your memories. Make an impression on life. The company also donates to charities and foundations. Even better! You know that by purchasing one or two or more, you will be helping great causes.

white and yellow Trrtlz Bracelets | Pura Vida Bracelets | Sprout Watch

On their website they go along saying that these beads are meant to be shared. Yay! Sharing is caring, y'all!! By giving someone a faded beaded bracelet you are sharing your adventures with them and are asking that they take a part of you on their own adventure. Giving someone a brand new, brightly colored bracelet, you are asking they begin a journey all on their own....maybe you'll even get a faded bracelet back at some point! :)

These are some of the colors and their meanings:

They also have different beads such as owlz, monkeyz, elephantz and a few more. I love the turtles and elephants! So cute!! You can find these bracelets at Target, Micheals, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, JCP and a bunch of other locations.

Now the giving! I want to give YOU a chance to begin an adventure. My favorite color/meaning that these provide is FREEDOM. You have the freedom to live, to choose, to be happy. I invite you to get out and make memories. I will be randomly choosing 2 lucky winners and giving them each a yellow{freedom} Trrtlz Bracelet along with a color of their choice to pass along to someone else.

You MUST subscribe(don't forget to confirm the subscription) to the email list at the top right corner and then leave a comment below stating what your next adventure will be and who you plan to give your bracelet to. GOOD LUCK!

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{items were purchased with my own money, not affiliated with above mentioned} 

November 18, 2015

Camping Newbie

Our weekend camping trip finally happened! We have had this in the books for several weeks and I can't believe it's come and gone. Sadly we were only able to spend one night at the campgrounds because it ended up raining pretty bad and the temperature dropped. We just weren't fully prepared for it. Bummer. Nonetheless, we made the most of our time. 

I'm a Pinterest addict {they say the first step is admitting your problem} and while looking for camp activities, I came across a bunch of scavenger hunts for the kiddos. Such a fun idea! I feel like this would make our walks a lot more entertaining. I ended up creating my own and gluing it to brown paper bags. Easy peasy.

sadly we didn't get to go on a hike because of the rain :(

Since we had planned for only the weekend, we didn't have to prep a whole lot. Because we left Friday evening, right after work, we wanted something quick and easy for dinner. Nothing says camp food better than chili! I found this super easy recipe on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect! *I did add a couple more ingredients but they are definitely optional

1.5-2 1b ground beef
Seasoning for ground beef [optional]
1 small onion, chopped
3 cans of Rotel, drained
2 can of beans [black or kidney or both], drained
2-3 tbsp Chili Powder
2 tsp chili flakes [optional]

First you brown the ground beef and season. Drain and add onion.

Add the rest of the ingredients and cook for 20-25 minutes or until onion and beans are tender.

i didn't drain my beans or Rotel like the original recipe called for. it did thicken the following day.

Serve and enjoy! We ate ours with crackers but I'm thinking corn bread next time! YUM!!

Since I made the chili the night before and bagged enough for the Mr. and myself. We cooked it on our camp stove and it was just as good as the first night.

M ate at home before we left and ended up knocking out as soon as we set up the tent.

The following morning the Mr. and M went fishing. While they did their father/son bonding, I stayed back with Lola and we went on a little walk. It was such a beautiful crisp Fall morning.

isn't this view gorgeous?! so peaceful!

We finished our walk a bit early so I figured it was the perfect time for some reading. It was so nice to just get away and do absolutely nothing. Peace and quiet...perfect! 

After the boys returned we had breakfast. I had sliced up turkey franks ahead of time and used those with scrambled eggs. Breakfast was served! I made coffee too! I'm not a fan of instant coffee so I bought a pourover to make ours. It was pretty easy to use: filter, ground coffee and boiling water. I was skeptical to use it but the coffee came out great!! 

breakfast: scrambled eggs with turkey franks
plates: GSI Pinnacle Camper
utensils: Smart Planet(were part of a container set) | similar

coffee was perfect for the crisp morning!
shirt: Old Navy
leggings: Jockey Leggings
necklace: The Dainty Doe
shoes: Nike

After breakfast we made hot chocolate with marshmallows! 

It was so fun to relax and be disconnected from everything else. We had some friends come out and join us as well. It was such a great time, despite the rain we got later! 

The boys had a great time gathering wood for the fire, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. All in all a fun weekend trip! Definitely a place we plan to come back to in the Spring and Summertime. 

Have you been camping with your family? I'd love to hear your stories, tips and campfire recipes!!