November 20, 2015

Turrtlz Bracelets & Giveaway!

I'm a sucker for cute dainty things. Especially jewelry and if it's for a good cause. Add a cute little animal bead to it and I'm sold!

photo via website

I recently heard about Trrtlz Bracelets. Think colorful, friendship bracelets. They come in a variety of colors from white to purple to multi. Each color represents something as well, ranging from things like love to peace. As the colors on the beads fade they represent your adventure. I love the "meaning" that these beads have. Be adventurous and spread that journey among others. Share your adventure, your memories. Make an impression on life. The company also donates to charities and foundations. Even better! You know that by purchasing one or two or more, you will be helping great causes.

white and yellow Trrtlz Bracelets | Pura Vida Bracelets | Sprout Watch

On their website they go along saying that these beads are meant to be shared. Yay! Sharing is caring, y'all!! By giving someone a faded beaded bracelet you are sharing your adventures with them and are asking that they take a part of you on their own adventure. Giving someone a brand new, brightly colored bracelet, you are asking they begin a journey all on their own....maybe you'll even get a faded bracelet back at some point! :)

These are some of the colors and their meanings:

They also have different beads such as owlz, monkeyz, elephantz and a few more. I love the turtles and elephants! So cute!! You can find these bracelets at Target, Micheals, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, JCP and a bunch of other locations.

Now the giving! I want to give YOU a chance to begin an adventure. My favorite color/meaning that these provide is FREEDOM. You have the freedom to live, to choose, to be happy. I invite you to get out and make memories. I will be randomly choosing 2 lucky winners and giving them each a yellow{freedom} Trrtlz Bracelet along with a color of their choice to pass along to someone else.

You MUST subscribe(don't forget to confirm the subscription) to the email list at the top right corner and then leave a comment below stating what your next adventure will be and who you plan to give your bracelet to. GOOD LUCK!

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{items were purchased with my own money, not affiliated with above mentioned} 


  1. this isn't a physical journey, but next month I'll be turning thirty. It's an age I've been dreading for a while - age equates wisdom and I usually have none. I'm ill prepared for this. But I am excited to see what the next decade holds - hopefully a lot more adventure and a lot less fear.

    1. Welcome to the 30s! My first year as a 30 year old definitely had a lot more adventure than my 20s...many new experiences and memories :)

  2. Winner(s) have been chosen! Please check your email :)