December 18, 2015

Meet Jack!

This year we did the Elf on the Shelf a bit different. I don't feel to crazy about the Elf getting into "trouble" during the night. I just didn't like the message it gave to M even if he thought the shenanigans were funny. I wanted a more positive message. this year we decided to do the Kindness Elf tradition as an alternative to the Elf on the Shelf. Nice deeds during the holiday season and I can even take it out during the year if I want to. 

I brought out the elf on December 1st along with a little welcome note and a special 'North Pole' breakfast. I explained how the Kindness Elf worked...acts of kindness to family members and/or friends along with others in need. The elf also brings words of encouragement and shares the meaning of Christmas. M also got to name the elf...everyone, meet Jack

For those wondering I got Jack at Target...he originally had long braided hair but I cut it off with scissors to make it look more like a boy! Ta-da!! We had a similar elf last year but Lola ate its was sad day at our house. She's learned better and doesn't bother with Jack this year. 

Our first breakfast with Jack consisted of waffles and sprinkles, especially brought from the North Pole! {i totally picked out the red and green sprinkles from a mix i have..oh the joy} M loved it!! The plate is from Target and the reusable Christmas napkin I found on Etsy a few years ago. 

Some of the things we've done is make Christmas ornaments for our family and friends, we've picked an Angel from the gift tree at the mall, emphasized the importance of brushing your teeth along with bunches more! 

I thought I'd share with you what is planned for the last week leading up to Christmas Day! 

8. {today}'s chilly! Let's get someone a drink so they can stay warm! Hot cocoa sounds delicious!
7. Let's look thru our pantry and see if there's any canned foods we can take to our local food pantry!
6. What is your favorite Christmas movie? I want to share mine with you...let's have a movie night!
5. I just love your Christmas tree! Have your mom take a picture of you and Lola so we can always remember it! 
4. Here's a craft we can do together! Let's make it and then give to a friend for Christmas :)
3. Santa is almost here! Let's get the dough ready for the Christmas cookies! Santa loves sprinkles so be sure to add some especially for him!
2. It's Christmas Eve! Don't forget to wear your pajamas when you go to bed tonight and leave the cookies out for Santa. Have a goodnight!
1. This is where Jack says his goodbye...below is the letter! 

Do you have an elf tradition at home? Leave your elf stories in the comments below! 

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