January 20, 2016

Easy Camp Recipes

We've been going {mostly planning} a lot of camping trips this year. Mainly, because we're prepping and testing out our equipment for our big trip coming up. YIKES! We have about a month and half left. Time sure does fly!! 

This past weekend we went out on our first camping trip of the year. Not much planning was involved...we pretty much picked a location nearby that had sites available and went for a day and night. Such a relaxing weekend. Cold but relaxing. 

Blanco State Park

Since we were only going to be there for one day I opted for something quick and easy for lunch and dinner. For lunch we had Easy Campfire Pigs in a Blanket

We used refrigerated biscuit dough and wrapped each section onto a hot dog. We then wrapped each in a piece of aluminum foil and placed them on the grill over our burning fire ring. Make sure to keep turning them as they can burn pretty quickly...we learned this the hard way. Serve with ketchup and/or mustard and you have a quick and easy lunch! 

For dinner I made Cheesy Beef & Potatoes. Super easy and you can prep this ahead of time too! You can brown the meat at home and peel/dice the potatoes at home too. We have a camp stove so I boiled the potatoes at the camp site-otherwise you can do this at home, as well. Once they were tender enough to my liking I added the browned ground beef, extra seasoning and shredded cheese. Cook until cheese is melted. You can even make these in foil packets over the fire too! Easy peasy! 

Both recipes were very easy to make...and tasty too! 

We had such a relaxing weekend at Blanco State Park. It's pretty quite and I'm sure it would be even better in the Spring or Summer time. 

I was able to catch up on my reading too! 

We went on a nice nature walk and then came back to roast marshmallows over the campfire. Marshmallow time is M's favorite. He likes his super "toasty". 

 What is your favorite thing to eat or do while camping? I have to admit that laying on that hammock with my book was a weekend highlight for me! :)

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  1. I love this!!! Steph thanks for following my blog and I'm so excited to know about yours!!! Now you've made me want to go camping :) :) :)