February 11, 2016

15 Mom and Son Date Ideas

I have completely lost track of time and am just {this week} realizing that Valentine's Day is this weekend! Ahh!! Get ready for the crowds this weekend! 

We don't necessarily celebrate Valentine's Day. If we do anything it's usually a family affair. A fun day planned that we can all enjoy. And I love it!! 

The Hubs works this weekend which means that Saturday will be a fun filled day with just M and me. I love those moments...our mommy and son dates. They fill my heart with so much joy...I also can't believe how big my "little" boy has gotten {sigh}. 

I have a few things already planned for our mom and son date. Starting with a yummy breakfast at M's favorite breakfast restaurant. Can't wait...it so happens to be a favorite of mine as well :) 

I've made a list of some of our favorite things to do...all budget friendly! Even better, right?! Whether you're looking for a fun family day or ideas for your very own mommy son/daughter date.

1. hike | go explore the outdoors! Plan a nature scavenger hunt to make it even more exciting! [this is one I like to use] Find a nature trail in your area!

2. go to the park | the park is always a favorite! Try going to one you haven't yet been to. Take turns pushing each other on the swings...this always gets a laugh out of M.

3. breakfast | make breakfast together or go out to your favorite breakfast restaurant. Great way to start off your day!

4.  baking | we love to bake! Especially cookies and muffins. Gather your cookies cutters or muffins tins, put on those aprons and get to baking!! 

5. take a bike ride | put on those helmets and get on your bike! No need to drive anywhere either...bike around your neighborhood or if you're close enough, bike to the park!

6. coffee and Legos | Starbucks is great to sit, relax with a coffee drink for you, hot chocolate for the little one and Legos! Building something together is a great way to bond. 

7. fly a kite | go to your nearest park or your backyard, if you have space. Fun shaped kites are so much fun! This one is a favorite of ours. 

8. go miniature golfing | we love putt putt! M is actually pretty good...he loves being able to pick out his own colored gulf ball. 

9. have a picnic | make some pb & j's, head outdoors and have a picnic! Don't forget to pack your picnic blanket!!  

10. chalk art | pull the cars out of the drive-way and chalk it up! You can buy chalk for cheap at the dollar store too.

11. visit a museum | have a children's museum or history museum near you? Pay it a visit. Sometimes they have special "last hour" deals that you can take advantage of.

12. get ice cream | go get ice cream with your little one. They will enjoy having to pick out their flavor and adding sprinkles :)

13. go to a bookstore | pick out a few new reads at the bookstore. Barnes and Noble has many events throughout the month for you to attend. Check your nearest location for details.

14. participate in a building workshop | we {M and I} are crafters at heart. Did you know Lowe's and Home Depot offer free building workshops for kiddos? Check your local store for more info!

15. paint | again with our craftiness...paint on canvas! Perfect for decorating any room or gifting to grandparents!

We will be attending a building workshop, taking a trip to the park, having a picnic and going to a museum on our date. Hopefully, we are able to get some coffee and Lego building in between all that. What is your favorite mommy and son/daughter date activity?

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  1. These are great ideas! I was looking for some fun things to do with my son, he turned 11 a couple of days ago and I wanted to start doing date nights as a way to talk one on one as we are all so busy! Stopped by from the Blog & Business Facebook Group!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I totally agree with the busy part...hope you are able to do some of these ideas! :) xo

  2. I have two boys, so important to connect over things they enjoy. Great list, I pinned it!

    1. I agree! Thanks for the pin!! xo