February 19, 2016

Recipe Round-Up

Menu-planning. Such a love hate relationship. I get on track and then it's so easy to fall off. 

This past week and a half I planned out our meals, made my grocery list and stuck to my plan. So far so good! I love trying new things and attempting a new recipe is always fun. I can follow a recipe like nobody's business!

For this weeks meal plan I consulted SkinnyTaste for of our dinner options. Gina has such amazingly easy and full of flavor recipes on her site. I love that the recipes include nutritional facts and WW Points as well. The SkinnyTaste Cookbook has been on my wish-list for some time now. I keep hoping the Hubs will gift it to me on one of these special occasions...I may just have to go ahead and purchase it on my own.

These recipes were a hit with everyone! M asked for seconds and I got the approval from the Hubs. Yay for me!!

My favorite was the Carne Guisada...so much flavor! We paired it with a simple mexican rice...I think next time I'll serve it over white rice. So yummy! M's favorite was the Korean Chicken. He loves edamame and "asian" inspired meals. The Hubs leaned towards the Carne Guisada as well. 

I hope you get to try some of these easy and delicious meals. They will now be on rotation at our dinner table. If you've tried some of these already, I'd love to hear what your thoughts were on them! 

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  1. Your cheeseburger casserole looks great. There is something so wonderful about a cheesy casserole in the winter!
    xoxo Mickey http://www.mybashfullife.com/

  2. Yummy recipes! I have made a cheeseburger casserole a few times. Love it.