March 3, 2016

6 Mom Must Haves: for moms on the go

I'm sorry if I've been absent these past few days...I sort of had a creative fall out. I'm trying to figure out how to grow the blog and keep my content "mom/family" friendly without bombarding with posts on reviews and ads. The last thing I want is for this blog to become full of meaningless reviews. Speaking of reviews...what do you think about review type posts? Love or hate? Let me know in the comments below! 

I figured since March is a new month why not start fresh! Let's get the ball, our in this case-keyboard, rolling! One of my goals this year, for this blog, is to write and post regularly. I have so many ideas that I'm wanting to share so stay tuned! :)

I see a lot of "mom must haves" geared towards 'new moms' or 'moms with toddlers'. What about us momma's...with the post-toddler kiddos? 

I've teamed up with Cindy from Cindy Luv on YouTube. We each have one kiddo, while her's is younger {and a girl} we bring to you our "mommy must haves". I've picked out '6 must haves for moms on the go'-keep reading to see what I can't live without while on the go! 

1. crock-pot : set it and forget it, honey! I can't tell you how much I love my crock-pot. It's the perfect kitchen gadget. I was gifted a programmable one during the holidays and have never looked back. Such a lifesaver!! It is used regularly in our home, especially for those busy days full of soccer games and errands...set it in the morning/day and come home to a warm cooked meal in the afternoon/evening. YAAAS! 

2. battery charger : I, usually, always carry a portable phone charger in my purse. A single charger. The Hubs then went off to buy this amazing charger with multiple ports. Genius! I'm so glad we have this now. We can charge our phones and iPod {M's anyway} while we're out and about. This comes quite in handy when your little one thinks the surroundings are 'lame'...eye roll. Sometimes you just gotta give in and hand over the iPod. {sigh}

3. tote : I love a large, versatile bag. These reversible totes are everything! The Hubs gave me one a couple birthdays ago and it's still holding on strong! It comes with a wristlet that you can detach for quick carrying too. It's big enough to carry everything from my wallet to snacks for M to my daily planner.

4. planner : I am super picky when it comes to my planner. It took a few weeks, maybe months, of searching before I narrowed it down to the Plum Paper Planner. The price is great compared to other similar lifestyle planners {starting at $31}. You can customize these with over 50 covers, different layouts and you choose when you want your planner to begin. That was my selling point. My current one ends in May so I'll be ordering another soon, without having missed a beat. I cannot live without mine! 

5. BB Cream : I think I've mentioned this before...the Smashbox BB Cream is my favorite for busy days when I don't want to fully glam my face. It's lightweight and offers light to medium coverage. Perfect for a quick 'put together' look.

6. Amazon Prime : we had debated for months on whether it was worth it. Let me tell you! Amazon Prime is worth it and then some. We have placed so many orders that with shipping alone it's paid for itself. The savings are excellent! There's also an app that you can download on your phone/iPad/Tablet called Prime Now {limited to certain areas}. You can order certain items and have them delivered to your door in a matter of hours! Super convenient! Best of all-it's included in your Prime membership! I've used this service on several occasion for purchasing dog food for our pup. The last thing I want to do after work is run to the pet store. With Prime Now, I can order it in the morning and by the time I get home, it's waiting for me at the front door. Easy Peasy. I use this for birthday gifts too-beats having to tackle the toy aisle! You can try Amazon Prime right now for FREE with a 30-day trial! 

What do you use or have that makes life just a tad easier? Let me know in the comments! *don't forget to check our Cindy's YouTube channel-she talks about beauty, lifestyle and everything in between.


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  1. I cannot live without my purse- I love big purses too! Also loving that Amazon prime it's super convenient and it could be addicting hehe! Of course I need some type of makeup on before i leave the house lol- I love using the crockpot it comes in handy it's such a lifesaver/timesaver!!! And I cannot live without my phone my life is in it hahaha! Lastly my clarosinic its my new bff 🙊I love it so much!!

    1. I agree on Prime being addicting! Can't help myself from ordering!! I've been eyeing the Clarisonic for ages now-I'm sure it's amazing!