May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Surprise!

As much as I love getting pampered and spoiled on Mother's Day...I get all the hugs and "love you mom" throughout the year and that's enough for me. Being able to say that I am a mom and knowing that my little guy is healthy is reason enough to be thankful.

We never really do anything extraordinary on Mother's Day so it really was no different than any other day. The Hubs and I don't get each other extravagant gifts either...we have everything we need and prefer adventure memories over material items. However, this year I was given a new...drumroll... camera! Y'all I have been wanting this camera for ages. It definitely wasn't something I was expecting to receive either.

New camera = vlogs! I cannot wait to start and connect with you all a bit more this way. I will be vlogging mainly on the weekends, starting on Friday afternoons. You'll get a little extra glimpse into our daily life and a look into our silly adventures.

The first video will be LIVE this coming Monday, a week from today. Be sure to subscribe to stay up do date! You can find my YouTube channel here

Leave a comment on what kind of videos you would like to see...whether it's family related, product reviews, beauty, fashion, mommy/son name it! 



  1. Do some baking and cooking videos!! :)

    1. Yes! I'll do a baking/party planning one sometime this week ;)