July 11, 2016

Keeping the spark alive

Before I became a mom I was a girlfriend, fiance, then wife. It is extremely easy to lose oneself after becoming a mom. It's even easier to forget that before your precious little one(s) it was just you and your significant other.

I admit that many times my poor Hubs comes last when it comes to my attention. I think it's very easy to think of your child first even before thinking of yourself. It's the mother inside of us. Ladies, let's not forget who we were with before our gorgeous kiddos!

The Hubs and I try to, at least, have a date night {or day date} once a month. In my opinion, it is important to maintain that intimacy and keep the fire burning in your relationship. Remember, when the kiddos leave home, it will just be you and HIM! Don't become strangers. Keep the excitement and butterflies alive!

It's hard for us to find a sitter for M, so a date night/day once or twice a month is ideal for us. You don't need to spend a whole lot either! *family on a budget here!! This past weekend M had a party and sleepover with his best bud. It allowed for the Hubs and I to spend time alone. Just him and I. It was utterly perfect.

After dropping him off...or more like walking him next door. {we're lucky enough that his best bud is also our next door neighbor}  It was such a beautiful morning that we knew we wanted to do something outdoors...we decided for a morning run on Town Lake.

With little to nothing in our bellies we were pretty hungry after our run. We decided to make it a "try something new in Austin day". We knew we wanted to stay on the East side. Our first stop was brunch at The Hightower. I had the "soft cooked egg, avocado, potato, tomato, house queso fresco, chili/peanut salsa, yogurt" and paired it with a frozen caipirinha with ancho reyes chili- by far the best drink I had all day.