September 22, 2016

Consignment shopping like a pro & GIVEAWAY!

I've always been a fan of gently used and vintage items...whether it be clothes or furniture. I can absolutely spend hours at a local Goodwill, vintage shop, consignment sale and/or garage sale-ing. I once scored a vintage Gucci bag [without straps] for a couple bucks at a Goodwill...I use it as makeup bag now. 

I have no problem wearing gently used clothing either. Especially, when it comes to M. We've taught him that it's not about having new clothes or new toys...we need to be thankful to have clothes and toys in general. If we're able to, M and I will garage sale shop on Saturday mornings. It's one of our favorite things to do. He's able to bring his own money from his piggy bank and choose what he wants. He once scored a San Antonio Spurs jersey for $1! He was so excited :)

M and bargain shopping go way back. Little does he know, he and I were shopping together when he was in my belly :) When I was preggo, I attended the Just Between Friends consignment event. It was one of my first consignment sales EVER. I loved it and learned so much!

Lucky for you JBF is holding a Fall event just a couple of weekends away! 

September 9, 2016

School Lunches Ideas.

A few weeks into the school year and we are finally getting into the swing of things. Again. I'm still trying to grasp the fact that we have a second grader. SECOND GRADER. Where did the time go?! I'm so proud of the little man he's becoming. We done good.

I always set goals for myself at the beginning of the school year. 
1. Make lunch
2. Set out clothes for the week
3. Don't be late
4. Join PTA
5. Volunteer when possible