January 27, 2017

Castelo Adventures: Margarita Crawl

A little late BUT I wanted to be consistent with posting our weekend adventures. I don't know when I'll be comfortable enough to vlog. It's on my goal list this year, though! I promise I will make an effort. Pinky swear.

In the meantime, pictures and descriptions will have to suffice. You can also follow me on snapchat for [mostly] daily updates! [mrsstephcastelo]

A few weeks ago during drinks, tacos and empanadas- a friend and I came up with a brilliant idea. Margarita Crawl! We live in the heart of Texas so it only seemed logic. Why had we not done this before?! 

January 19, 2017

Castelo's Take 2017!

The holiday cheer has died down and the fireworks have long ago stopped...mid January and I'm getting back into the groove of post-holiday schedules. 

I hope you all had a lovely time with family, friends...with all of your loved ones! 

In 2016 we came up with our very first- family bucket list. You'll be happy to know we crossed off quite a few things off that list. Here's a little recap:

Go to Chicago [it was great to see how everything had changed...or stayed the same]

my childhood home! looks exactly the same. 

made it to the City! had such a great time.