January 19, 2017

Castelo's Take 2017!

The holiday cheer has died down and the fireworks have long ago stopped...mid January and I'm getting back into the groove of post-holiday schedules. 

I hope you all had a lovely time with family, friends...with all of your loved ones! 

In 2016 we came up with our very first- family bucket list. You'll be happy to know we crossed off quite a few things off that list. Here's a little recap:

Go to Chicago [it was great to see how everything had changed...or stayed the same]

my childhood home! looks exactly the same. 

made it to the City! had such a great time. 

Attend a Spurs game [Go Spurs Go]


Camp in the winter [although cold, we had a great time]

we camp a lot during the cooler months, this was our Thanksgiving camping weekend. chilly but fun!

Go to the Grand Canyon [such a fun and amazing trip we had]

breathtaking views. we spent a few hours here & enjoyed a picnic as well.

Hike a new trail [oh boy, did we go on hikes! From Zion NP to TX trails]

by far our favorite trails were those in Zion National Park.  

we went on several trails during our visit at Zion NP. it was the best time
& lots of memories made.

Try a new restaurant [we tried a few]

WAT ZAB THAI FOOD : recently opened in the Austin area and it has amazing authentic Thai food. check it out!

chicken pad thai is our favorite

along with the shrimp rolls and chicken satay

We had such an amazing year. 2016 was definitely good to us. We are beyond blessed and could not be more thankful.

This year we're adding more items to our family bucket list and keeping some of those we didn't get to a chance to experience.

-Attend a Portland Timbers Game
...and a USMNT soccer game as well!
-Visit an [out of state] National Park
-Camp in the summer
-Hike a new trail
-Visit a beach
-Visit a farm [M & I still want to milk a cow! but we will settle for strawberry picking :)]
-Go to Lego Land
-Stay at a new camp ground
-Visit Jakes Hole
...and Hamilton Pool
-Camp in a yurt! or treehouse!
-Visit 6 [new to us] restaurants

We already have quite a few adventures and activities planned in the next few months and I cannot wait to share them with you!! We will definitely be able to cross off a few items off of our list.

Do you or your family create bucket or goal lists? I'd love to hear what you have listed!



  1. We don't have a bucket list, but after reading yours I want to do one now!!!

    1. Ah! You def should! We sit down and ask M what he wants to do too...he gets excited when we plan or cross something off of the list :)