February 17, 2017

Road Trip Essentials

New year, new you...how about new year, new travels?? Can I still say that considering we're in month 2 of 2017? Hmm...oh well! We took our first trip of the year last month and it was just the thing we needed to start off the year. Fun + memories! This weekend we are off to explore Carlsbad, NM. We can't wait!!

Since NM isn't too far from us we decided a quick weekend road trip would be the most cost efficient. If you've been on a road trip, no matter how short or how long, you know that the discomfort of being cooped in a car for a long period of time is no joke. However, road trips can be quite enjoyable! [we love them]

It all comes down to the essentials. You'll need to have snacks and hydration readily accessible. Music is a must. Have a camera handy to capture memories and later retell those amazing stories. Packing the right road trip essentials can easily make a long trip fun and one to always remember.

February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day : Gift Ideas

I know that everyone celebrates holidays differently. Some holidays may mean more than others, some don't get celebrated and some take much planning. The Hubs and I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day. Even while we were dating it wasn't a holiday we ever really went all out for. To us it's always just been another day. Last year we went on a family hike to "celebrate" family time during the Valentine holiday. This year we will stick with the hike tradition and get away to explore caverns in New Mexico. It's how we're choosing to celebrate Valentine's Day in our household...outside with adventure.

Because we don't typically celebrate Valentine's Day, we don't usually exchange gifts. This year though we decided on small meaningful gift exchanging. That husband of mine, he's not much of a patient one. A few days ago he insisted on giving me my gift. I refuse to look or open it until next week so you will have to wait until then to find out what I was given. M is getting a gift too...his very own travel journal...shhh don't tell him 😉 

EVERYONE, you do not need to spend a ton on Valentine's Day gifts! If you're a last minute shopper and/or are pressed on time I'm all about Amazon Prime shopping! So many affordable gift options for everyone. You can find out more here. With Amazon Prime, you receive Prime eligible purchases in 2 days! 2 days!! If you have yet to get your significant other a gift or maybe a teacher, parents, or child keep reading for some affordable gift ideas, plus 2 day shipping with Prime! 

Techie Lover

Bluetooth Headphones : these SoundPEATS bluetooth headphones are great! They have long battery life, variety of colors to choose from and best of all wireless! [starting at $19.59]
Power Charger : these are life savers! This one has a dual plug in so you can charge to devices at once. [$39.99]
E-Reader : A Kindle is a MUST for a book lover! From magazines, books to movies can be downloaded! [starting at $59.99]
Bluetooth Speaker : this UE ROLL Speaker is waterproof and shockproof! It has a bungee cord that makes this speaker great for attaching to anything. [starting at $54.99]