February 17, 2017

Road Trip Essentials

New year, new you...how about new year, new travels?? Can I still say that considering we're in month 2 of 2017? Hmm...oh well! We took our first trip of the year last month and it was just the thing we needed to start off the year. Fun + memories! This weekend we are off to explore Carlsbad, NM. We can't wait!!

Since NM isn't too far from us we decided a quick weekend road trip would be the most cost efficient. If you've been on a road trip, no matter how short or how long, you know that the discomfort of being cooped in a car for a long period of time is no joke. However, road trips can be quite enjoyable! [we love them]

It all comes down to the essentials. You'll need to have snacks and hydration readily accessible. Music is a must. Have a camera handy to capture memories and later retell those amazing stories. Packing the right road trip essentials can easily make a long trip fun and one to always remember.

Camera : any camera will do! You don't need a fancy DSLR to capture those moments. The Mr. gave me the Sony A5100 for Mother's Day last year that I'll take with. It's a great alternative to a DSLR. I also take my Instax with me. They have fun print options for the Instax and it's an instant print to have. Both cameras are pretty light weight and easy to pack.
Selfie Stick : this is great, especially if you are traveling solo. This one has a built in light which comes in handy for night or dim lit pictures. We use ours a bunch during our family trips.
GoPro : the Hubs swears by these. We have 3! The footage is great, you can buy accessories to make it waterproof and you can mount it to just about anything. He makes videos on almost every trip we take. You check out our last few adventures here.
Tripod : a flexible tripod like this one is great for travel. You can basically arrange and set it on anything to take photos from your phone, GoPro or camera. It's compact in size which makes is great for easy packing and travel.

Book : a good read is a must! Whether you bring a physical book or a reading device like the Kindle or Nook. Keeping yourself busy while on the road makes the time just pass on by. I have a few books downloaded on my Kindle that I'm dying to read! I hear The Couple Next Door is a great one!
Charger : don't forget a charger for you phone or devices! One with multiple ports is a great option to charge more than one device at a time.
Journal : I always travel with a journal or notebook. I like to take some time in the evening before bed to reflect on the day and jot down fun things we did and/or saw. I have a horrible memory so this helps. The Mr. gave me a new one for my birthday that I can't wait to use.
Tablet/Ipod : These are great to download movies or tv shows to. Especially if you are traveling with little ones!
Portable DVD Players : speaking of movies...I don't know what we would do without these. We love our portable dvd players. They are super old but are holding strong! [i linked the ones that are most similar to ours] M has a little case that holds a bunch of dvds-he picks out the movies ahead of time and we're off. He can stay entertained for hours. Ours has a headphone jack so no interruptions on either end.

Pringles : Pringles are great because you don't have to worry about squishing the bag. The tostito ones are my favorite!
Water : stay hydrated! A water bottle is best because you're able to fill up anywhere.
Trail Mix : I have to have some sort of sweet and salty mix while traveling.
Jerky : I feel like jerky is just a go-to for travel. It's easy to travel with and you can find it anywhere. It can get expensive while on the road so purchasing it ahead of time at your local grocery store is wise.
Sweetness : we prefer Sour Patch Kids. So addicting!

Headphones : We always have some sort of headphones laying around. Sync them onto your phone, turn on some music and take a nap!
Pillow : even if you aren't taking a nap, having a pillow is handy for comfort.
Blanket : The last thing you need is for a blanket [or pillow] to take up half of your space. We use light, yet warm, fleece blankets or mexican style blankets [my favorite] for travel. They both fold up easily so they don't take a lot of space. 

Facial Spray : there's nothing worse than your face feeling dull and dry. I keep Evian Facial Spray close when we're on road trips and/or plane rides. A spritz wakes up a dull face in seconds! 
Lip Balm : moisturize! My favorite is this Aquaphor Lip Repair balm. You can purchase it with or without SPF-I recommend getting one with SPF for added protection.
Lotion : Being cramped in a car can dehydrate and dull your skin. Having a moisturizing lotion handy is great to revamp and liven the skin! 
Body Spray : because a little refreshing never hurt nobody! 
Hand Wipes and Hand Sanitizer : cleanliness is key! We always have a pack of wipes handy.

What can't you travel without on road trips or plane rides? Share in the comments below! 


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