April 19, 2017


Phew. Is it Friday yet? This work week has definitely been one for the books. Jet lag is no joke. It's getting better but the headache and constant fatigue feeling...need. to. go. STAT.

Being back in the real world has been a little bittersweet. Missing the Thai life, street food + sandy beaches BUT having my little man and Lola close is like no other! Glad to be reunited with M and cannot wait to visit again as a family.

We arrived into town Easter Sunday, slept a bit and took off to meet with family. I didn't want to dress up as I was feeling tired but I knew showing up in my pj's was probably not a wise choice.

Showering in my own bathroom, doing something other than a bun on my hair and putting on some makeup has never felt better! It's the little things. I went for a t-shirt dress to spend the day in. This one from Forever21 is soft and super comfortable. It's true to size [i'm wearing a medium]. I have it in the light olive color but it also comes in a pretty dusty pink.

April 5, 2017

Travel Make-Up Bag

Minimal. That's what the Hubs said to me when we started packing and prepping for our Thailand trip. He even had the nerve to tell me that I didn't have to take make-up with. Can you believe it?! I know. I couldn't either. But I do...I get where he was coming from. We're going to a country with very hot temperatures and lots of humidity.

Of course I wasn't planning to wear a completely full face of make-up but I also don't want to look like the living dead in photos. My usual travel make-up bag consists of a large bag with multiple pockets and openings. Not on this trip. Minimal remember.

April 4, 2017

What's in my carry-on bag?

We're packed. Y'all. It's real. The day is finally here!! This is our first major international flight...and only packing the ultimate essentials. We're only taking one backpack...per person. One. Let me clarify...we're backpacking for 10 days so no suitcases. None. We'll be taking 2 carry-on bags...one with our clothing and another as our personal with things to keep us entertained on our flight. On our very long flight.

That being said I had to keep my "personal item" small. Typically I carry a larger bag with me and an extra purse to carry around during the day. Not this time. I searched high and low for the perfect bag to wear during the day [and night] on or trip. It's a pretty small bag but I manage to get quite a lot in it. As I was getting my bag ready, I thought it'd be fun to share what I like to carry with me during flights.