April 4, 2017

What's in my carry-on bag?

We're packed. Y'all. It's real. The day is finally here!! This is our first major international flight...and only packing the ultimate essentials. We're only taking one backpack...per person. One. Let me clarify...we're backpacking for 10 days so no suitcases. None. We'll be taking 2 carry-on bags...one with our clothing and another as our personal with things to keep us entertained on our flight. On our very long flight.

That being said I had to keep my "personal item" small. Typically I carry a larger bag with me and an extra purse to carry around during the day. Not this time. I searched high and low for the perfect bag to wear during the day [and night] on or trip. It's a pretty small bag but I manage to get quite a lot in it. As I was getting my bag ready, I thought it'd be fun to share what I like to carry with me during flights.

1. Bag : small enough BUT I fit all of this in there! Extra perk is that it's anti-theft :)
2. Wallet : I've been using this wallet as my everyday wallet for a few months now. Love how roomy it is. Comes in a variety of colors and RFID blocking.
3. Evian Facial Spray : flights make my skin super dry. I like to keep this handy for a spritz to waken up skin instantly.
4. Passport : because obviously you need it for international travel. I got this cover here.
5. Journal : I like to jot down thoughts and what we did for the day. Recalling memories are the best!
6. Phone
7. Snacks! I like to take a few snacks with me. *not pictured are Lara Bars, turkey jerky and almonds.
8. Lip Balm : I'm addicted to lip balm! I usually carry a tinted and a clear balm with me at all times.
9. Headphones : listen to music on your phone or watch movies on the plane. I like to take my own pair rather than use the ones the airlines provide. [similar pair]
10. Eye Mask : block out the light and get some zzz's with an eye mask! This one is super soft and the band is adjustable.
11. Blanket : so this actually has multiple uses...I can use it as a blanket during the flight, sorong over my swimsuit or scarf for cooler weather. This one is from Old Navy...similar one here.
12. Water Bottle : stay hydrated! These foldable water bottles are perfect for carrying water and then folding up for easy storage.
13. Ear Plugs : cancel out noise with ear plugs! These actually came with the travel pillow :)
14. Lotion : flights make my skin so dry. I need to keep lotion handy to stay moisturized.
15. Kindle/Books : take reading material for entertainment. Whether it's a Kindle, Nook. iPad...download books, magazines, games, etc. These little guys save you tons of space!
16. Travel Pillow : this inflatable pillow is great! Perfect for flights. Compact in size when folded, soft plush cover and comes with ear plugs. *I also just got this similar one for M.

*SIDE NOTE: I ended up having to take a larger backpack as my "personal item" [side eye-I know] ONLY because my large carry-on had to be under a certain weight limit and I had to take items out to compensate for the weight. Still taking the bag in the picture-fit perfectly folded in another backpack . Planning to still use it as my day bag. 

What are your go-to travel items? Share them in the comments below!


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