July 21, 2017

Sore for days!

I hope you find yourself having a great Friday! I [and my little family] are anxious to get our weekend started! A couple of weekends ago, we drove out to Nashville for a soccer game...this weekend we drive some more to yet another game.

July 13, 2017


Weekend trips, we love them. And as much as we love them, they drain all of our energy and leave us lethargic for the entire week. Am I right?

This past weekend we took a quick [and by quick I mean a 12 hour drive] to Nashville. The husband is a HUGE soccer fan and we try to go to as many US Mens National team as we can. Nashville just so happened to be on our radar.

Although hot, very hot, the game was full of energy. We are members of the American Outlaws, the USMNT support group, so we get pretty good seats to games. The atmosphere is always so hyped with chants and cheers. For those wondering, we tied with Panama at an ending score of 1-1.