July 13, 2017


Weekend trips, we love them. And as much as we love them, they drain all of our energy and leave us lethargic for the entire week. Am I right?

This past weekend we took a quick [and by quick I mean a 12 hour drive] to Nashville. The husband is a HUGE soccer fan and we try to go to as many US Mens National team as we can. Nashville just so happened to be on our radar.

Although hot, very hot, the game was full of energy. We are members of the American Outlaws, the USMNT support group, so we get pretty good seats to games. The atmosphere is always so hyped with chants and cheers. For those wondering, we tied with Panama at an ending score of 1-1.

Since we were only in Nashville for the weekend we had to cram as much as we could in about a 12 hour time frame. Of course, there's much more to see and no matter how long you're in Nashville be sure to check these 3 amazing sites! They're all kid-friendly too!!

1. Fannie Mae Dees Park [free]
We found out about this park because it is well known for its famous sculptured Dragon. Sadly, we weren't able to "see" the Dragon. The famous sculpture is undergoing repair. We were able to take a peek at it, so neat to see all the images on the Dragon.

While at the park, we let M run around the play area for a bit. Lily's Garden is located within the Park and is an all abilities playground. From swings, to little bridges to a cooling spot, this park has it all for every child to enjoy! M had a blast!!

2. Parthenon [free members/$6 adults/$4 children]
This was by far, my favorite part of the trip! I love history and Grecian history is just so interesting to me. Having seen this massive replica of the Parthenon in Athens was definitely a highlight. It also holds a 42-foot statue of Athena. You guys, both the Parthenon and Athena statue are full-scale replicas of the originals!

M couldn't believe how ginormous everything was. He was especially intrigued when we found out Athena was gilded with over 20lbs of gold! Impressive!

As you exit the Parthenon, the surrounding area is great for picnicking, enjoying a lemonade or snow cone, or just simply enjoying the outdoors.

3. Savannah's Candy Kitchen [$$]
You can't go to Nashville without walking along Broadway. You'll find honky tonk establishments, boot stores galore and you can't miss the Elvis statues. You also don't want to pass up this gem of a candy store! The warm caramel smell just draws you in. Fresh pralines, candy apples, gelato and more!! M was in sweets heaven. We just couldn't stay away from the gelato. M had the cotton candy in a cone, while the Hubs and I shared [and devoured] the coconut gelato. You don't want to miss this candy shop while you're browsing the shops on Broadway!

While our trip was short, we did get to see and experience quite a bit of Nashville and what it has to offer. We had a great time and hope to be back sometime in the near future.

Have you been to Nashville? Leave your favorite spot to visit in the comments!


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