November 13, 2017

Life Update

As always, I take short breaks from Love Lipstick Legos. This has been the longest yet. And boy, do I miss it! A lot has happened and continues to happen since I last popped on here with a post. A lot. We are constantly on the go and a break from blogging was most definitely needed. A little recharge never hurt. As things are slowing down [who am I kidding..] as they are continuing to get crazier after the summer madness...more like my "life madness", I've decided to do a life update. Warning: it's a fairly lengthy post, grab a cup of joe [or wine-we don't judge], sit back and read on!

Phew. It has been the year of travel for our little family. Not that I'm complaining. I love the places we've seen and the memories we've made. I'm beyond grateful and blessed for such opportunities. However, it does take a huge amount of energy and planning for these trips to take place. For a while there I felt that we would pack, unpack and pack again. It can be quite exhausting. We just got back from a local weekend camping trip and that in itself was tiring. Our next trip will be in December for Christmas. We cannot wait to share where we'll be going! In the meantime, I do have a few posts in the works for the upcoming weeks [and months] regarding some of these past trips. From packing tips, places to see and eats to try. Stay tuned! **all of these photos are from our trip to Vancouver. It was full of adventure and the views were amazing!

As some of you may know, I started my vegetarian journey a few months back. It was purely for health reasons. I have a lot of gastric issues and after much consideration I came to the conclusion that trying a plant-based diet would help. And it has. Immensely. I had been debating with myself to go plant-base for some time and making the ultimate decision was fairly easy. I had cut out red meat from my diet over a year ago, cutting out poultry and seafood didn't seem like a huge deal. I'm not going to lie...there are times where I do break down and try seafood/poultry when we've traveled...and my belly does notice the difference. I feel bloated and the aching is no joke. Maybe in the future I will try veganism. For now, this works for me.

I am not an expert in veggies, not even close. I'm learning as I go. Trying to get all the nutrients possible for a healthier ME. Plant-base may not be for everyone, at the moment it is for me. The hubs and M still eat meat, and I'm okay with that. I'll continue with recipes here on LLL, both meat and veggie ;)

As for our lives...we are trying to minimize and live a simpler lifestyle. From cleaning our closets, unsubscribing to emails, letting go of things we haven't used in a few months to a year, to putting our phones down when we get home. We are trying to focus on what's in front of us. Our lives. While social media is a big part in this day and age, we are trying to focus on what's more important...God, our family, our another.

Cutting back on electronic usage has been difficult BUT boy is it totally worth it! We've noticed such a difference, especially in M. He has an iPod that he would use from time to time and his attitude when he was told to get off of it was the worst! Sorry young sir, no more iPod for you! He communicates with us so much more, socially he's more inclined to talk to others and his overall attitude has improved. I say that's a win for us! I encourage you to try it...going to dinner or a party? Leave your phone or iPod in your pocket or purse...enjoy the company, start conversations, have your kiddo socialize...your electronics will still be there, social media will still go on without that one post. Enjoy your time there without looking at it behind the screen.

Love Lipstick Legos
Last and definitely not least, LLL. Not sure how many of you are aware, but I do have a full-time job aside from LLL. With working 40 hours a week, weekly soccer practices, weekend soccer games, family duties and so much more-this momma is exhausted! Hence, my trouble in staying consistent with posts. I love blogging. I do. My goal for LLL is to keep monthly goals. I have made a realistic posting schedule and will adhere to it. PROMISE! So be sure to expect more from me here and on other social media accounts. I've talked about it many posts ago and I would also love to start vlogging. Baby steps. We'll see how it goes.

Phew. Boy was that long! I hope I didn't bore you! Stay tuned for new content in the following days! And if you would like to see any specific posts on anything beauty, mommy products, recipes-leave your comments below!


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