January 11, 2018

Hello 2018!

As we enter 2018 and leave 2017 behind us, I can't help but thank our good Lord for all of our blessings. So much happened this past year and looking back I can only say that for myself and my family we've grown stronger as a family in Christ and that in itself has strengthened us a whole. We still have so much to learn and grow but just knowing how far we've come as a complete family makes my heart happy. I can't wait to reflect later in the year and see where we are spiritually and mentally. 2017 was a year of travel, laughter, loss and new beginnings for our little family.

I encourage all of you to make a bucket or goal list, big or small! Write it down and refer back to it throughout the year. Tape it on your mirror if you have to! This year I want to keep monthly goals for myself. Things that I keep putting off-I want to get accomplished. Positive thinking...and I will get them done! My goals for this year are:

1. Put God first. First and foremost, HE will go first. It's important for me and for my family to put God first over everything else. This past year we've have gotten close to Him and it is only the beginning!
2. Don't forget the Hubs. My honey comes second. It's easy to forget this. It is so easy for me to get lost in work and mommy-hood. Bi-weekly and/or monthly date nights are a must!
3. Game nights with M! Along with date nights with the Hubs, games nights with M are high on the priority list. New board games coming soon!! :)
4. A healthier me. I have to make time for me. For my health and well-being. Excuses need to end. Daily walkings/jogs are a must!
5. De-cluttered life. Starting at home. We are in the process of something new and that means-what we haven't used in 6 months to a year is out! Lots of major cleaning and purging. Big donations for sure!
6. Build my blog. You guys. This has been a BIG challenge for me. I need to set a schedule and stick to it. Dedicate time and move forward. I want this blog to grow and keeping consistent is the only way.
7. Organize memories. I wish you guys could see all the photos and scrapbooking supplies I have. I could legit open up shop. Scrapbooking nights are in my near future.

For the past couple of years I've shared our highlights and our family bucket list. My favorite highlight is below...can you guess what it is?

Taking my niece on a road trip to New Mexico for cave exploring was great! Seeing her and M make these memories together as cousins give me all the feels.

Mining for diamonds and discovering our first 'hot springs' was definitely one for the books. 

Our trip to Thailand was such an anticipated trip for us. We absolutely loved it. We saw and experienced so many neat and unbelievable things. The views are breathtaking! We cannot wait to take M with us next time we go.

Taking M to Belize for his birthday and celebrating not only his birthday, but my brother in laws too was so fun! We had a blast celebrating with family and friends. 

Over the summer months I was able to travel to Mexico a couple of times and reunite with this sassy spirit. My heart was so full that M was able to meet and visit with his great-grandmother. These memories will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

Canada, ay? We took a long weekend trip to Vancouver and walked along the Capilano Bridge. It was gigantic! 

Our last trip of the year was to Tulum, Mexico. It was unbelievably amazing! We had such a great time, ate delicious food and saw some pretty amazing ruins. 

Our Family Bucket List for 2018 is very similar to the ones in the past...God-willing, lots of adventure in our future! Let's see what this new year brings for us. 

Travel to a new country
...and city!
Travel to a new state
Camp at a new campground
Go to a farm [M and I still have yet to go]
Visit a National Park [new to us]
Try a new restaurant once a month
Monthly game and movie nights 
Road trip to Cadillac Ranch

As I said above...I encourage you all to jot down a bucket list or goals list. Big or small. Use it as reference. We already have a couple of trips planned for this year and crossing items off of our bucket list is oh-so-wonderful! What's on your list of places to travel to?


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